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Are you looking for a solicitor in Leeds to help with a civil litigation, dispute resolution, contract issues, a debt recovery matter or a professional negligence issue? Disputes and conflicts will arise, it's part of life and when they do, you may need to enlist specialist help to resolve them. At Whiterose Blackmans Solicitors LLP, we will go that extra mile to understand your concerns and to protect and advance your interests.

We have a team of civil litigation solicitors in Leeds who are experienced in acting for both Claimants and Defendants before the County Court, High Court and Court of Appeal. However, we recognise that litigation before the courts may not be in the best interest of our client as it can be expensive and the outcome may be uncertain. As such, we will work with you to resolve the matter before proceeding to court. However, if the matter does proceed to court, you can be confident that you will have specialist civil litigation solicitors in your corner.

Our Solicitors are here to help with the following types of civil litigation disputes:

Under English law, traders need to comply with the legislation and regulations on the sale of goods. All buyers of goods and services are entitled to remedies under legislation but consumers are entitled to a greater range of remedies. 'Consumers' are people who are buying for themselves, i.e. not for their trade, business or profession. All buyers are entitled to goods of satisfactory quality but cannot, for example, expect a legal remedy for fair wear and tear or a fault they should have discovered on reasonable inspection.

Whether you are a consumer seeking redress or a trader seeking to ensure you comply with your obligations, our consumer team can offers an in-depth comprehensive service in all consumer matters and can advise and represent you to a successful resolution of any consumer disputes.

Contractual disputes can arise before, during or after a contract has been entered into. Examples of such disputes include the provision of faulty goods and services, the pursuit of unpaid debts and recovering damages arising from breaches of business contracts.

Once a dispute surfaces, we will try and resolve matters through negotiation, to avoid incurring unnecessary costs and causing delay. If this is not possible, we will take effective and where necessary immediate action to protect your position. If you need a solicitor to advise you in relation to a contractual dispute please get in touch.

We understand how important it is to act quickly to recover debts owed. Unpaid invoices affect profits, potential profitability and cash-flow.

If you are owed a debt, our litigation team will assist you in recovering your money. Our priority is always to secure your debt and position as a creditor using any appropriate means, from statutory demands to issuing a claim, quickly and efficiently to give you the best possible chance of getting your money back.

Your property and your vehicle are two examples of items which should be insured. Often when you make a claim, your insurance company will pay out. However, the insurance company may rely upon a term in their conditions to refuse to pay or may make an offer of compensation, which you disagree with. In both instances, it is important that you consult a solicitor to take advice as to what to do next.

Here at Whiterose Blackmans Solicitors LLP, we have acted for many clients who have found themselves in similar situations.

Negligence is the legal term for conduct which falls below the standard expected of a reasonably prudent person in similar circumstances. It is established under tort law and requires a duty of care owed to the potential claimant, a breach of that duty of care, causation and damage.

There are many areas of daily life where such duties exist, from doctor and patient to solicitor and client. Duties of trust often exist where you place trust in the hands of professionals who then fail to meet the standards of skill and care in the performance of the required service.

The party who has been negligent could be a professional individual or organisation. The professionals in question may be solicitors, barristers, architects, surveyors, brokers or bankers, all of whom owe a duty of care to their clients and customers in a professional capacity. If that professional has breached the duty of care owed to you and caused you loss, you can bring a claim for professional negligence against them.

We advise on all aspects of professional negligence concerning a wide range of professions and act for claimants and defendants. Our team will attempt to reach confidential and cost-effective solutions quickly, whether through negotiation or other informal dispute resolution or court proceedings.

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