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When criminal allegations are made against you or your loved ones, you need advice and representation from qualified solicitors dedicated to defending your interests. At Whiterose Blackmans Solicitors, we not only do this, but do it at a price that is right for you.

We take every criminal allegation seriously from the simplest road traffic matter to the most serious of crimes that are tried before the Crown Court. Our experienced solicitors will prepare your case thoroughly and will work tirelessly to ensure the best possible outcome of your case.

We will vigorously challenge evidence of the police and other investigating bodies. We will work closely with leading barristers across the country to ensure that you have the right team to defend your case.

We can represent you in a police station and in all courts of law including Magistrates, Youth Court, Crown Court, & The Court of Appeal. We have years of experience in dealing with the following types of offences: -

Youth Court

For many young people and their parents or carers, the experience in the Youth Court is one which is daunting. We aim to alleviate such fears by providing a service that guides both clients and their parents/carers through the process of the Youth Court.

We will ensure that the young client is advised of all the procedures in the Youth Court in language that is simple to understand but without being patronising or judgemental. We aim to include parents/carers in consultation but only with our client's permission, confidentiality is of paramount importance.

If you are seeking legal defence representation in a youth court, contact us today to discuss your case.

Magistrates Court

We represent our clients in magistrates' courts in Leeds and across West Yorkshire. We strive to ensure that clients are kept as informed as possible about their case and will advise them before, during and after their court date.

We will consult with clients before their hearing and discuss the evidence against them. We will advise on plea, venue and the consequences of no plea, guilty plea and not guilty pleas entered at the magistrates' court.

We are committed to delivering the best legal defence possible and we will build a robust defence to ensure the best possible outcome for our clients.

Crown Court

In the Crown Court, trials are heard by a judge and jury, otherwise by a judge alone. All Crown Court cases start in the magistrates' court. The Crown Court usually deals with more serious offences such as murder, rape, robbery and serious assaults. These are known as "indictable only" and can only be dealt with in the Crown Court, although they start in the magistrates' court. There are also offences, which are termed "either way offences" and can be tried at the crown court, if the magistrates' court agrees that they should be tried there. The Crown Court also deals with appeals against decisions of the magistrates' court. Appeals here are heard by a judge and two lay magistrates.

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At Whiterose Blackmans Solicitors LLP we offer a free 30 minutes initial consultation with a specialist criminal solicitor. In order to arrange your free consultation, please call 0113 2165507 or email:

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