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At Whiterose Blackman’s, our talented team of discrimination lawyers have been helping people fight for fairness in and out of the workplace for nearly a decade now. We’re based in Leeds, an incredibly multi-cultural city, in West Yorkshire, an incredibly multi-cultural area, and we’ve been leading the field around here for years. We have experience dealing with a huge variety of discrimination cases, helping victims of unfair treatment due to ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, disability or maternity.

Our skillset is as diverse as our mindset - not only do we have a dedicated team of employment law experts who represent clients who have suffered discrimination in the workplace, but we also have a special team of human rights lawyers with a vast wealth of experience. We’ve helped clients who’ve dealt with discrimination at banks, hospitals, public transport providers, schools, housing associations, prisons and much more get the justice and compensation they deserve.

Our goal is to win our clients the largest possible settlement financially in each and every case, but we are all too aware that many clients bring up cases for a different reason. That’s why we aim to help bring an end to discriminatory behaviour wherever you have encountered it, as unfortunately, in our experience institutions are often unwilling to act on these kinds of complaints unless made through tough and thorough legal experts.

We understand that discrimination law is incredibly complex and emotionally-charged, so our experts ensure we’re sensitive, calm and thorough, whilst always explaining issues to clients as simply as possible. Fundamentally, we always make sure we focus on what the client wishes to get out of case as a starting point for any discussion. We are hones with our clients about what we can realistically achieve early on in the process to as we guide them through the case and give them their options.

We fight tooth-and-nail for your rights, and aren’t scared to battle with some of the most powerful organisations nationwide, and in the process winning our clients huge financial compensations and settlements. We’ve been at the forefront of truly revolutionary cases in discrimination law and continue to do so week in, week out, on case small, large and everything in between. We’ve also helped charities, trade unions and a whole host of other organisations defend the rights of people who’ve been the victim of discrimination.

We have experience dealing with a huge variety of discrimination cases, so get in touch if you’ve had unfair treatment due to your ethnic background, gender, sexual orientation, age, religion, disability or maternity. We offer a free 30 minute consultation to establish whether or not you have a viable case, and we can normally operate on a no-win no-fee basis.

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